This blog was originally started in 2015 on Medium called Everyday Essays after I graduated from high school, after years of telling myself “I really wanna start a blog!”

Since then, I have migrated to WordPress with the name Wander Notebook, (still available to view here) to now self-hosting on GitHub using a bare-bones layout and design I made myself, under the name Notebook Casa.

With no expertise or formal education, I have written a multitude of posts on various topics over the years. My most frequented topics are happiness, creativity, productivity, and writing itself.

You can view a visual, graph-based history of posts on my Beeminder.


Many people will tell you that the communicative medium of blogging died out many years ago, replaced by more convenient, short-hand modes of interaction and technology.

I am on a quiet, reluctant fight against that. I believe that people should take a step back from the privately-controlled, information-overloaded platforms of social media that have monopolized the internet and instead carve out a piece of digital real estate for themselves.

Although the age of (poorly designed) Geocities and Livejournal are over, people still have a unique voice that should thrive independently, and not rely on the handful of websites that everyone uses. The Internet is for everyone.

You can find the source code for Jekyll at GitHub: jekyll / jekyll