Hi! I’m Brennan. A web developer and content strategist with a primary aim to utilize technologies to empower marginalized voices, emphasize storytelling, and create long-lasting community. Looking to help those that need development skills, or searching for ideas/management for their next content project!

Knowledgeable in multiple front-end frameworks and ecosystem, as well as an advocate for test-driven development. Bringing forth an emphasis on accessibility and the A11y project in web development, and a deep-seated drive of curiosity. Proficient in multiple script and compiled languages. Able to effectively self-manage during independent projects, as well as collaborate within an agile-based team setting.

I also enjoy a variety of creative side-projects, having composed various soundtracks and Neo-classical music under the pseudonym Augustin, and has a photography portfolio that can be seen at Project Qvl.

I’m also working on a self-published book of poetry with excerpts that can be found at Warsaw Mountain. And maintain a dream-like blog dedicated to vaporwave and album art called Pale Site.

Always available to discuss new opportunities! Don’t be afraid to shoot me an e-mail at: mail@brennanbrown.ca